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DAY 1: 5:58 AM

It was early 6 am. Clearly Lance hasn’t woken up yet by the time Ronni got ready. Today was the start of a new mission, and Ronni plans to go alone. Lance’s been going through some rough times lately. He broke up with the love of his life, Vivian. Worse that they broke up after his traumatizing experience with dungeons. He decided the best way to get over it is too drink, and of course Macee supports the liquor, she lives in a bar.

Lances dragged himself to sit up on the large pillows on the floor. The sun hasn’t rose up completely, the dim light of the lantern covers his face and body. He rubs his eyes and scratched his head.

“ You can’t go alone, I’ll go with you” He grunted.

“In fact I can, I’m not a little lilipup anymore.” Ronni answered blantly.

“ You won’t survive through the dungeons and the harsh sun, you’ll pass out” Lance continued in his small voice.

“ Like you?” Ronni turned back to stare at Lance, his eyes are full of worry. Lance didn’t say a word.

“ Macee will take care of you while I’m gone. She seems to like you more then me for some reason.” Ronni informed.

“ Probably because I’m too charming.” Lance smirked. Even in this condition he still makes jokes.

“ But promise you’ll be okay. I don’t want you to end up like me” Lance said quietly.

DAY 2: 8:01 AM

The creaking sound of wooden wheels repeated as they travel through the harsh environments of the desert. Ronni volunteered to pull the carts, he was strong. He noticed a black slim figure walking next to him.

“ Working on those muscles huh? Where’s Lance? The little runner?” The Sneasel asked.

“ Home” Ronni said.

“ Strange to see you both apart on a mission. Sure you can handle it?”

“ Why does everyone keep assuming that I can go on missions alone?” Ronni felt irritated.

“ Sorry, was just wondering.”

“ It’s okay Oliver, I didn’t mean to seem angry, it’s just with so much going on.” Ronni replied with a voice that almost seemed broken.

“ Tell me about it” Oliver asked.

DAY 1: 7:00 PM

The place was big, and the fire lit powerful. Ronni laid down, taking steady breaths. He was far enough from the fire to not get any smoke but close enough to still able to get some light.

“ Hey you gonna help out?” Oliver walked towards him with a plate full of meatroot and skewers. “ Could use that flamy thing you do?” He smiled.

“ That’s Fire Fang, can’t actually roast those roots without chewing it.” Ronni answered.

“ Well there’s a big fire” The Sneasel said with a cheerful voice.

“Alright, there’s nothing to here anyways” Ronni stood up and walked with Oliver towards the fire and cooking area.

DAY 1: 9:12 PM

“ You’re worried aren’t you?” Oliver asked. Both of them were sitting in front of the fire while other Pokemon sang and danced around.

“ Yeah, first time since I’m on my own after Lance found me.”

The fire flickers. The night was getting cold, but that’s nothing to both of these young mons.



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Guys, I am saving up to buy a laptop. This is very important for me because this is my last year of secondary school, and highschool is about to start. But there is an entrance exam. My 9th grade year is one of the most important year of my life and education. This year, I will have to do a lot of schoolwork, projects and presentations. And currently, my desk computer, which is my dad’s computer, but I use it at times can not handle the workload. Another thing is that my dad needs to use the computer for work and therefore I have limited time on my assignments. Also, the desk computer also can’t handle drawing programs like Photoshop, even SAI. The computer has been around for a decade, with upgrades every few years. However, it can not support drawing.  I have another option is to use my brother’s laptop. But same as above, my brother needs it for work as well.

I extremely need a laptop. It will costs around $500. It will support me in school, digital arts and projects. This will help me a lot in this school year and in the future.

I am doing commissions in order to save up the money needed. Currently I can only do traditional commissions because the computer can’t handle SAI and Photoshop.  Please, I need your help, if you can’t commission me then spreading the word would help so much! I need to save enough money in a month. Hopefully I will reach my goal! Thank you so much guys! <3

If you are interested in commissioning me, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT

I can do Pokemon, Pokesona, Fursona and Human characters! Please email me for more information! 

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